Calming Bath

Candlelight leading my path

lighting my way to an awaiting bath

standing in his towel single rose in hand

sauntering my way whispering his passionate plan


Leisurely removing all of my clothes

casually kissing my various spots as he goes

placing me gently in the tub

before climbing behind me, giving my back a relaxing rub


My aroused flesh responding to his tender touch instantly

lathery palms embracing every throbbing inch of me

taking his time relieving my tension, not shoddy

letting the warm water caress my pulsating body


“I think I’ll have you here” demanding it

wandering fingers find my clit

rubbing vigorously and won’t quit

orgasm traveling through me causing my warmth to submit


Cautiously lifting me on all fours

animalistic grabbing my ass entering me as if we’re carnivores

snatching my hair pulling me to him

forcefully lewd pounding me hard no longer a prelim


Water spewing making a mess

his heavy stroke constant, not slowing for rest

moans of ecstasy bouncing from each wall

roaring his release as our bodies finally stall

-Cam Johns

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