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As night falls, I stealthily stare in admiration,
the moonlight defining his muscular torso persuades my carnal frustration.
Hurriedly removing my underwear, my arousal urgent,
forcefully ready to eradicate my lascivious perversion.

Quickly removing the covers from his body without warning,
I grab him below as he jolts awake ready to appease my yearning.
Our eyes connect as his rod stiffens within my gripping coercion,
my intensity contagious as he pulls me in close, without aversion.

Finding his way inside my moist mound,
our pleasure explodes through our harmonic sounds.
The sweltering desire builds between us,
abruptly finding release following our assailing thrusts for thrusts.

Cover Reveal for Summer Heat

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my next anthology that will be released July 6, 2018! Working with other fantastic authors is not only an honor, but a privilege!

The Heat!

With temperatures rising, the sizzling stories of Summer Heat will have you needing a dip in the pool. We’re turning up the heat and you’re going to be damp in more ways than one.

Second chance romance, star crossed lovers, a sexy vampire, an irresistible bad boy, dark secrets, and then some! There’s a little bit of something for everyone. Grab a cold drink, come get down and dirty, and make this summer extra hot with Summer Heat.

Summer Heat is dedicated to all the strong and sexy women around the world. Yes, you, too! The proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

Stay Tuned For the Release!!!

Authors Bringing the Heat!

Rachel De La Fuente



A.E. Gamrat



Sonya Jesus



Cam Johns



Linny Lawless



Sophia Peony



Break Up to Make Up

Arguments never ending, emotions on high,
a day of back & forth, leading to a bellowing cry.
Tired of the fussing, fighting and ultimate forgiveness,
only to crave his presence, giving into my heart’s emptiness.
For now, separation is key, theoretically closing the door,
giving each other space until we can’t take it anymore.

Hours pass before tensions return to normal,
both ready to restore our rage into something more carnal.
He finds me in bed, aggressively turning me on my back,
nibbling on exposed, skin like a salacious snack.
I don’t dare stop his ravenous advances,
instead beg for more as my clit dances.


Rekindling thoughts of the evening’s escapade,
foreboding morality to give into our ravenous charade.
The unfamiliar controlling convulsions of my impending awakening,
while the familiar observes patiently awaiting his rationing.

Yearning for more he abandons his watchful post,
joining our savory tryst now fully engrossed.
A gluttonous mesh of three seething bodies inflamed,
our deviancies finding release and completely untamed.