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Rousing Obsession (cont.)

             Read Part Two

I stand there aghast unable to accept his revelation as truth. Quincy has never mentioned a brother to me. In fact, he claimed he had no remaining family members. I rather believe this kidnapper before me is the liar…not someone I trusted for years. “You’re a goddamn liar!” I shout in his face. It’s unnerving how willful I’ve become dealing with this obvious con artist. He lifts his hands over his face taking a deep breath no doubt losing his patience with me. That should be a cue to back off but of course my big mouth just pushes him further. “Hello! What the fuck is going on?” He drops his hands placing them in his pockets. He impatiently stares at me taking a few steps forward.

“Your smart mouth was cute when I was gonna fuck you last night…but don’t push it.” He says. Should that have turned me on? There’s something wrong with me. What if he is telling the truth…awkward. I take a deep breath before sitting back down on the couch and picking the papers up from the floor. I should at least look through everything before I chew him out any further. The file is the case on Quincy’s murder. Everything from photos to suspects. None of this shocked me considering I was very involved with the case until it began to take over my life…and the cops were getting nowhere. “Come with me.” He says then heads toward the back of the house. I follow without hesitation into a bedroom that was locked earlier. I walk in immediately noticing the Samuel L. Jackson Shaft poster on the wall. I laugh to myself finding it ridiculous. “I guess he didn’t tell you he was a fan.” He? Qunicy’s room?

“This was his room?” I ask now reluctant to enter further. As if I’m invading his secrecy. He nods waving me in. I scan the photos of him playing football as a teen and him and Luke…his brother.  On the bed was the photos that Luke removed from the wall. His smile is displayed everywhere, the smile I’ve missed for years. He just seems so free-spirited and at ease. Something I didn’t get to see often. Now I know why. I could always tell there was something he wasn’t telling me, I just figured he would let me in when he was ready. None of his secrets kept me from not wanting to spend my life with him. Hold the fuck up.

“You’re such an asshole!” I shout suddenly not sure why I’ve just realized this. He turns to face me angrily confused.

“Yo, what the fuck did I just tell you!” He yanks my arm pulling me into him. The closeness radiates wanton bouncing between our bodies. I pull away from him wanting to break the tension.

“You knew who I was and you still try’n fuck me.” He stands straight putting his hands back in his pockets. He takes a breath cooling his heightened temper before answering me.

“We shouldn’t talk about that now.” He almost whispers. Why not?

“Well I think we should.” I folded my arms tapping my foot awaiting an appropriate reason for his deception.

“Too bad…I think it’s more important to tell you why you’re in danger.” Yes…he did say that didn’t he. He takes my hand pulling me back to the living room where I sit looking through the file once again. There must be something I’ve missed.

“I already know about all this…why am I here?” I ask quietly. He sits beside me taking my hand into his. His touch not only didn’t repulse me, but he gazes with the same enamored scrutiny his brother used. He is telling the truth. How did I not see the relation before now?

“There’s something he didn’t get a chance to tell you before he died.” I took a breath nudging for him to continue. “He was an undercover cop.” A cop? Why would he lie about that? “He obviously couldn’t tell you, and he needed to keep you and that separate.” Which is understandable. Still doesn’t tell me why I’m in danger. “I’ve been following the person I think killed him…which led me to you.”

“How?” I ask confused.

“He’s been following you.” What!

“Luke, I don’t understand. Why? I don’t know shit.” I say frantically, but him holding my hand placates me.

“You don’t know what you know.” He turns completely facing me grabbing my other hand in his. “Do you mind telling me about that night?” He asks intrigued. Maybe there is something. I’ve gone over this repeatedly with the cops, I don’t see how he would see anything different. “Just tell me.” I look down at our entwined hands not wanting to go through this again…but I have to.

That morning I wake up alone in the bed. Why’s he up so early, it’s only five thirty. He’s rarely here, now I have to worry about him sneaking around too. I slide from the bed still groggy wiping my eyes and sliding on my slippers. The door to the bedroom open, I walk into the living room without him hearing me. He’s on the phone, so I step quietly trying to hear what’s being said.

I’m telling her…I can’t talk about that now…Terrence, I’ll meet you in a few…Don’t fuckin’ piss me off and keep me waiting. He hangs up. Tell me what? I watch him relax, now slumped on the couch. Something’s clearly bothering him, and it has him anxious.

“Sneaking off?” I ask now standing in front of him. He jumps up as if he were caught in a lie. I eye him suspiciously wanting to know what’s going on. Why’s he so jumpy? But I know better than to ask considering he never answers me. He’s clearly hiding something.

“I have to go.” He says quietly.  Of course you do.

“Just get the hell outta here.” I say throwing my hand up and walking away. He grabs my arm quickly pulling me back to him. Snatching it back, I push away from him pressing against his bare chest. “Just stop.” I say holding my hands up. We’ve been together long enough and I think I’ve earned the truth. What accountant you know sneaks around like this and go off to meetings early morning and late nights.

“C’mon Ronnie…don’t be mad.” There’s no way I’m looking him in the eye. He has a way of smiling with his eyes, telepathically dropping my panties…not that I’m wearing any. He chuckles inching closer without touching me. “That shit’s not gonna work.” I don’t respond. Uncontrollably, my eyes survey his muscular body as he stands before me in his boxers. Obviously he knows I’m admiring his physique because he begins to flex instantly turning me on. I hate he knows how to get his way.

“Don’t you have somewhere more important to be?” I snap now looking him in the eye. He silently gazes through me then begins to back me against the wall. His hands balled into a fist I guess annoyed at my response. Placing his hands on the wall above my head, he leans down and kisses me gently. I don’t resist him as he presses his body against mine lifting my leg. I feel his length growing stroking at my pussy. “There’s nothing more important than you.” He says breathy then lifts me to his waist dropping his pants.

“Wo! Wo! Wo goddammit!” Luke says interrupting my recollection. “Skip that shit.” I giggle uncomfortably as he adjusts in the couch releasing my hands finally.


“Did he say anything to you before he left?”

Lying in the bed now sweaty and out of breath, he caresses my hair as I lie on his chest. “There’s a lot I need to tell you.” He admits.

“I know. I’m ready to hear it.” I whisper. I feel his chest lift as he takes a deep breath.

“After tonight, I can tell you everything…but I have to go.” He kisses me on the forehead and slides off the bed to dress.

“Oh yes…to meet this Terrance person.” I say revealing that I was eavesdropping. He faces me pulling his shirt over his head before leaning over me. He kisses me slowly as I wrap my arms around his neck. If I only knew that would be the last time.

“Yes…Terrance. I’ll be back tonight. Love you.” I smile back as I always do and watch him leave the room.

“Do you know Terrance?” I ask Luke who is now standing. The agitation is visibly coursing through his body as he paces the floor with his hands in a fist. Finally he stands in front of me with his arms crossed.

“Veronica…he’s been following you.”

End Part Three.


Rousing Obsession (cont.)

I wake the next morning with a pounding headache. Casually blinking in the beams of light from the sun that are torturing me through the large floor to ceiling windows. As I turn around taking in my unfamiliar surroundings, I notice I’m lying in a large empty bed in an empty white room. Seriously, there’s nothing in here but the bed. “Oh shit!” I shout out as tiny specs of memory return. Don’t you know better than to go home with strangers? The last thing I remember him saying. “Oh shit! I’m ‘bout to die!” I shout jumping from the bed. I go to the door furthest from the bed first, pulling and twisting the doorknob frantically but it won’t budge. My heart races not knowing what to do as I race for the remaining door. It opens. “Calm down Ronnie.” A nickname my ex used to call me. I take a breath before stepping out into the hall. You would think in my situation, I would be trapped in some dark dungeon-like hole but I’m not. It’s actually quite a nice home, but as I walk the hall there are marked shapes on the wall where pictures used to be…obviously there’s something I don’t need to know. I grab on to knobs to see what’s unlocked as I pass doors of the hall with no luck.

Finally, I find myself back where I’m familiar. The living room…and the front door. Of course I run ready to get out the house but it’s locked from the inside. “Shit.” I whisper hoping he doesn’t know I’m trying to escape his quaint fortress. Suddenly, I hear humming and the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen.  He’s in there relaxed as if he doesn’t have a captive in his home. Staring out the window, I see there’s really no place to go being in the middle of nowhere. The nearest neighbor is so far away, if I did make it out of here he would for sure catch me. I do notice my car now parked in his driveway however. He can’t possibility consider letting me live after this, he must have taken my car in case someone comes looking.

I hesitantly walk toward the kitchen scared shitless tugging at the large T-shirt I just realized he put me in. Holy crap, he’s seen me naked! Oh my god I almost fucked him in the bar bathroom. See, that’s why you don’t listen to your friends…now I’m kidnapped.

“Are you gonna come in here? Or just lurk around?” He says from the kitchen. My body shivers not wanting to be anywhere near him. If he wanted me dead, I would be. Take a breath. I slowly step into the kitchen with my head down scared to look at him. I see him place a plate of food down on the table and pull out a chair. He doesn’t wait for me to sit, instead going to the opposite side and taking his own seat before pouring two glasses of orange juice. I finally get up the strength to look at him as he sits back in his seat and gestures for me to sit. His delightful smile somewhat still there but now I fear him. I take the seat noticing he’s given me two strips of turkey bacon and scrambled eggs with lots of cheese. That plus the orange juice is something I eat every morning. How does he know? I suddenly find myself unable to breathe now realizing he’s been stalking me. “We’ll talk after you eat.” Weighing my options, it’s best for me not to piss him off, and just eat.

After eating as much as I could, he grabs our dishes and cleans up as I just sit there wondering if I’ll ever see anyone I love again. I want to know why I’m here. How long he’s been watching me? Mostly, is he going to get rid of me? “Why am I here?” I courageously blurt out. After I said it, I wish I hadn’t as he turns to face me drying his big hands. He stares at me with those brown eyes that captivated me…tricked me…last night.

“In due time.” He says. He then holds out his hand expecting me to take it, but I’m just too disgusted to touch him. I feel so…betrayed. Which is ridiculous considering I don’t know this guy…I’m the one that chose to come here. “I’m not gonna hurt you Veronica.” He says somberly. For some odd reason, I actually believe him. The fact that he’s taken me, drugged me, and is keeping me here has not changed that compelling urge to trust him. I take his hand and he leads me to a different room…with furniture. “You may shower here.” He says walking me to the bathroom. “Some clothes in there.” He points to the closet opposite the bed and walks out closing the bedroom door. Why is he treating me like an expected visitor? Of course I go through the dresser drawers and nightstands trying to find anything about him or his family, but there’s nothing. Dammit. There’s no use. I contemplate finding something to break the glass in these tall ass windows but that would make too much noise. I wouldn’t get very far at all…and I don’t know where I am. Therefore, doing what he has asked will be best.

I quickly shower wanting to get answers to my questions, and feeling obviously uneasy in my captive’s home. However, going into the closet he pointed to earlier only infuriates me. “He’s been to my house?” I whisper. I step into the walk-in closet only to find all of my own clothes, shoes and even purses. What the fuck? “Son of a bitch!” I shout too loud. He certainly heard me and I honestly don’t care at this point. The fear the paralyzed me has turned to venomous rage. I grab a pair of stretch pants and a large sweatshirt from the closet and get dressed quickly. Enraged, I march down the hall to find Luke sitting on the couch with the newspaper up covering his face.

“Yes…I’ve been to your home.” He says answering my unasked question. He folds the paper down placing it on the coffee table before standing in front of me with his hands folded behind him. For some reason he smiles at me as if this is a goddamn game. “Okay…so you’re mad.” He can’t be serious…there is something mentally wrong with him. I’ve got to get the heck out of here.

“Luke…why am I here?” I ask trying to remain calm.

“For your protection.” My protection? There’s nothing going on in my life that I would need guarding from. I lead a simplistic, drama-free life for the most part.

“You’re gonna have to elaborate.” I say confused.

“Have a seat.” He says pointing to the couch. I do as I’m told, now pretty damn sure he’s not going to kill me at least. He sits beside me and hands me the large envelope on the coffee table. “Open it.” Oh god, the last time he gave me something I was knocked unconscious. I suspiciously open the filled package and pull out a large packet clipped together. When I turn it over, there is a picture at the top that’s covered by the large black binder clip. However, I could see the name on the file clear as day…Quinton “Q” Lathan. Oh god. Just to be sure I remove the clip that’s hiding the photo…it’s him. My heart starts racing as I slowly glance back at Luke.

“Why do you have this? Who are you?” I whisper. He suddenly gets quiet and visibly agitated. I should be the one uneasy. He has a folder with information on the murder of my ex-boyfriend…well fiancé. I stand dropping the papers to the floor feeling the urge to erupt into a crying fit. “Answer me dammit!” I shout stomping my foot like an errant child.

“He’s my brother!” He shouts.

End Part Two.

Calming Bath

Candlelight leading my path

lighting my way to an awaiting bath

standing in his towel single rose in hand

sauntering my way whispering his passionate plan


Leisurely removing all of my clothes

casually kissing my various spots as he goes

placing me gently in the tub

before climbing behind me, giving my back a relaxing rub


My aroused flesh responding to his tender touch instantly

lathery palms embracing every throbbing inch of me

taking his time relieving my tension, not shoddy

letting the warm water caress my pulsating body


“I think I’ll have you here” demanding it

wandering fingers find my clit

rubbing vigorously and won’t quit

orgasm traveling through me causing my warmth to submit


Cautiously lifting me on all fours

animalistic grabbing my ass entering me as if we’re carnivores

snatching my hair pulling me to him

forcefully lewd pounding me hard no longer a prelim


Water spewing making a mess

his heavy stroke constant, not slowing for rest

moans of ecstasy bouncing from each wall

roaring his release as our bodies finally stall

-Cam Johns

Morning Coffee

Repetitive mornings of the lifeless and mundane

alarm…shower…dress…work drudging the same

a luring prospect inveigling mid morning

averting my cadaverous existence vividly alluring


Sauntering in my office with my morning coffee

deliberately gazing his wanton eyes capturing me

whispering erotic intentions in my ear

hoping no one notices him puppeteer


Hand finding its way up my thigh

tickling my lobe with his tongue arousing my high

out in the open fervidly audacious

his hand finding my middle oh so salacious


backing away from his erogenous advances

considering our professional circumstances

regardless of my intent to get fucked against this wall

not today…I am his boss after all

-Cam Johns

Good Morning

Awakened aroused after lascivious reverie

him slithering at my backside as anxious as me

always at his beck and call surrendering my  body

highest apex of daybreak stimulated and ready


Entering my warmth aggressively grabbing my hips to clinch

accepting every enjoyable pulsating inch

working up our morning sweat desire at its peak

finally indulging in sweat release


-Cam Johns

Arousing Objections (Finale)

Read Arousing Objections (Part Three)


            It seems like an eternity being forced to remain outside my own office. The sounds of Robert’s roaring intimidation echoes through the hall, as I cringe at each of Mr. Berger’s blood curdling howls. I’m not sure if I should be pleased with his punishment, or angry that Robert is delivering it. Either way this shouldn’t be happening, let alone taking place in my office. However there’s nothing I can do considering one of the giants is blocking my door and has snatched my phone from me. I’m left here to decide what side of the law I want to be on and it’s not easy.

Suddenly I realize it’s gone silent. Robert’s wrath must be over. Before I could approach the door, it opens. I stand unable to move as I wait for the goon to step aside and reveal the mayhem that’s taken over my office.

“Thank you Harrison.” Robert says tapping his goon’s shoulder. As he steps aside, Robert steps out removing the blood from his hands with a white handkerchief. His suit jacket now removed and shirt untucked. Is it rational for me to think how sexy he looks right now? Oh god, there’s something seriously wrong with me. He just stares expressionless waiting for me to speak I assume. Quite honestly, I just want to walk pass him and make sure Berger’s alive. “I had to.” He says finally handing the handkerchief to the goon I now know as Harrison. He then gestures his head toward my office and Harrison disappears. Oh goodness.

“So was this the idea all along? You were gonna beat his ass into submission.” I snap.

“No, but I certainly wasn’t gonna let him talk to you like that.”

“You promised we’d do this the legal way.”

“Well too fucking bad…this is what I do dammit!”

I look around the room thinking there’s obviously someone else he’s talking to. He’s certainly not talking to me like that. “Umm…I think you need to readjust your tone.” I say calmly by walking toward my office. He holds out his hand to stop me. “Move!” I shout pushing his arm away.

Walking into my office the metal smell of blood and sweat greets me. Harrison has already packed up “Mr. Hyde’s” tool kit and heads out of the office. Berger’s defenseless slouched body is still tied to my office chair. Blood is dripping from his face but his head is down so I’m unable to how bad Robert abused him. What’s worse is I don’t feel bad for him. After all, he is a murderer and tried to frame someone else. There’s still one thing lingering, that I need to know. Why? As I sit across from him he shuffles painfully in his seat to sit up. He eyes me angrily with his half opened available eye, the other being swollen shut. I can’t help but stare at the purple bruises and blood falling from his forehead. “I just don’t understand….why Jason?” I whisper.

He chuckles a bit before wincing at the pain. I look up to see Robert has made his way in to monitor this discussion no doubt.

“I made a lot of money in this business.” Berger answers finally.


He chuckles again even though it obviously hurts him. Jerk. “It’s cute you still wanna make a difference. Once I saw potential for making money not prosecuting certain people, I weighed the odds, needless to say…odds lost.” He chuckles like an evil villain in a bad movie.

I can’t believe I’m hearing this. The disgust turns to rage and before I know it my hand is up ready to slap him, but Robert grabs my arm. “That’s for me to do…not you.” Robert snickers making me even more pissed.

“Well, what the hell does Jason have to do with your business?”

“Easy…Jason grew a conscious and I couldn’t have that.” His smug answer intensifies my rage. I jump out of my seat realizing he’s insinuating Jason was involved in his scheming. “Framing your boyfriend here was even easier.”

With that, my hand slaps him hard across the face making him buckle in his chair. God, that felt so good. Robert grabs my arm and pulls me out of the office.

“You know you’re anger is hot as hell, but I think you should stay away from this.” He says smiling down at me as I snatch my arm from him.

I start to pace the floor as my wheel spins, trying to put this all together. “Did you know Jason was involved?” I ask.

“Of course. My brother tried to convince him to do the right thing on his own, but some people need more than words to see things your way…” He says so matter of fact. Interesting, that’s exactly what Elliot said. Something I can’t change about him.

“Okay, well… you obviously can’t turn him in looking like that.” I say pointing toward my office.

“No…he’s not getting turned in Ally.” He whispers.

“What! I don’t understand.”

“C’mon…going public with the District Attorney being dirty will be bad press…that’s what we need to avoid.”

“What!” I just can’t win.

“Listen, once he heals he’s gonna have to step down, and Elliot will take his place. That’s just how it has to be.”

“What about the case against you? What about Jason’s family? No one will know the truth.”

“So what if people think I’m a bad guy…I am. My brother will handle Jason’s family.”

I’m not sure what that means, but this is not what I signed up for. This is not justice at all. I can’t understand why this is something Robert has to do with his life. I certainly cannot be with him, if this is how he’s going to make his money. Maybe if he could explain to me why he started doing this, I would understand somehow and learn to accept him for who he is. I look up into his nervous hazel eyes hoping he could find a way to persuade me to uphold this vigilante justice. I approach him cautiously and take his hands into mine. “Do you think you can explain to me why you do this?” I whisper. He shuts his eyes and takes a breath before inching closer to me. When he opens his eyes I know he’s ready to open up to me in a way he’s never before.

“Ally I-”.

“Ahem.” The sound of someone clearing his throat behind us interrupts him. When Robert looks up to see who, he releases my hands immediately and puts his in his pockets. His entire vulnerable demeanor has reverted back to his infamous intimidation. I turn to see Elliot standing behind me assertively. “Excuse us a moment Alexandra.” Elliot says emphatically.

I look up at Robert as if to get permission, but he doesn’t even look at me. So I decide to just walk far enough down the hall and behind a wall to divert suspicion that I might be listening.

“You weren’t seriously about to tell her everything, were you?” I recognize as Elliot’s voice.

“I love her.” Robert whispers. My heart melts at his revelation.

“You fucking idiot. I can’t believe this…under no circumstances are you tell her the truth Rob.” I don’t hear a response. “Let’s finish this.”

After a minute or so of silence I realize they must have went to talk to Berger. It’s evident that there’s more to the Elliot/Thoms dynamic than meets the eye. I’m going to find out the truth whether Elliot likes it or not.

The End. For Now.

Slow Motion

Staring at his bare chest enticed

thinking of our earlier impromptu tryst

the moisture gathers within my warmth

arousing uncontrollable urge building like a quiet storm


Vehemently straddling his waist commanding control

grinding deliberately feeling his length grow

no words  needed from either of us

grabbing my plump ass fulfilling his increasing lust


Silk panties glued to my pussy

lewd thoughts slowly exposing my unwanted urgency

the need for him to fill me takes over

exchanging wanton eyes no need to rush whatsoever


Entering me gradually squeezing his engorged dick inside

loving every inch delicately spreading me wide

winding my hips calmly as he rubs my clit

his eyes unable to disguise gratification of our perfect fit


Empowered sexually embossed within our ardor

pulling at my breasts bouncing harder

erotic energy intensifies, his pelvis rams into me making me shudder

convulsions between us as we find release together


-Cam Johns