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Morning Coffee

Repetitive mornings of the lifeless and mundane

alarm…shower…dress…work drudging the same

a luring prospect inveigling mid morning

averting my cadaverous existence vividly alluring


Sauntering in my office with my morning coffee

deliberately gazing his wanton eyes capturing me

whispering erotic intentions in my ear

hoping no one notices him puppeteer


Hand finding its way up my thigh

tickling my lobe with his tongue arousing my high

out in the open fervidly audacious

his hand finding my middle oh so salacious


backing away from his erogenous advances

considering our professional circumstances

regardless of my intent to get fucked against this wall

not today…I am his boss after all

-Cam Johns


Working Hard

Gazing at her alluring simplicity

evasively capturing mindless beauty

soon able to fondle what’s mine

impulsively examining the clock with our secret in mind


Libidinous rendezvous approaching at noon

anxiously awaiting to have her legs strewn

torso bent ass in the air

brutally thrashing inside her my dick bare


Foregoing at-home obligations

complying with our workplace liaison and flirtations

for now I’ll ponder my stimulating conquer

in a few moments I’ll be fucking the shit our of her

-Cam Johns

Good Morning

Awakened aroused after lascivious reverie

him slithering at my backside as anxious as me

always at his beck and call surrendering my  body

highest apex of daybreak stimulated and ready


Entering my warmth aggressively grabbing my hips to clinch

accepting every enjoyable pulsating inch

working up our morning sweat desire at its peak

finally indulging in sweat release


-Cam Johns

Slow Motion

Staring at his bare chest enticed

thinking of our earlier impromptu tryst

the moisture gathers within my warmth

arousing uncontrollable urge building like a quiet storm


Vehemently straddling his waist commanding control

grinding deliberately feeling his length grow

no words  needed from either of us

grabbing my plump ass fulfilling his increasing lust


Silk panties glued to my pussy

lewd thoughts slowly exposing my unwanted urgency

the need for him to fill me takes over

exchanging wanton eyes no need to rush whatsoever


Entering me gradually squeezing his engorged dick inside

loving every inch delicately spreading me wide

winding my hips calmly as he rubs my clit

his eyes unable to disguise gratification of our perfect fit


Empowered sexually embossed within our ardor

pulling at my breasts bouncing harder

erotic energy intensifies, his pelvis rams into me making me shudder

convulsions between us as we find release together


-Cam Johns

Late Night Seduction

She enters her unusually dark home closing the door,

expecting her lover’s asleep having no idea what she’s in for.

He appears from no where pushing her against the wall,

“Don’t say a word” he says removing her jacket and letting it fall.


She’s stunned at his assailing approach,

but her throbbing warmth is accepting without reproach.

He rips her buttoned blouse open exposing her supple breast,

then smothers her lips with his as he ferociously grabs at her chest.


His aggression releases her unknown carnal desire,

her need for his engorged shaft to be inside her is dire.

He raises her short skirt to rip off her lace underwear,

then lets his boxers fall to the floor looking at her with a wanton stare.


He lifts her to his waist sticking her hard,

then leans her against the wall putting her legs on his arms.

He pounds her fast as they both speak in tongues of pleasure,

before long they cum together satisfied beyond measure.


Letting her weakened legs down to the floor,

he aggressively kisses her once more.

Releasing her lips moving down her neck, she asks “What’s gotten into you?” as he nibbles on her spot,

“I needed to fuck my woman whether you liked it or not.”


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Dante’s Inferno

Seductive language teases our senses

dismissing my need to be apprehensive

Now my mind flutters with thoughts of him

wishing he were here kissing every limb

Time slows, me fervently imagining his touch

my body against his holding me steady like a crutch

The feel of his tongue quickly unravels me

then he enters me slowly where no one is allowed but he

The feel of his swollen rod spreads me wide

as I succumb to feeling I can no longer hide

Buried beneath him while making love to me

now realizing this is where I should be

-Cam Johns